Interstellar Marsling Octafuzzdrive (Marsling Octafuzzdri)

Interstellar Marsling Octafuzzdrive
Model# Marsling Octafuzzdri

Price: $249.00

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Introducing the Marsling Octafuzzdrive - a pedal as distinctive as its sound. The Beings at IAM take a modern spin on the discontinued '70s era fOXX, enhanced with two interstellar modifications. First, the octave-up effect is now at your feet, offering on-the-fly versatility with a footswitch. Additionally, a tone control toggle switch has been incorporated, empowering players to select from three unique tonal profiles. The Marsling stands out as the epitome of versatility within the Interstellar galaxy.

The Marsling Octafuzzdrive is a recreation of the fOXX Tone Machine, first released in 1971 and discontinued in 1978. The Tone Machine is a thick fuzz that uses a phase splitter and complementary rectifier to create an octave overtone.

The Tone Machine has a lot in common with the Fender Blender, but with a more pronounced octave and smoother tone, as well as the ability to disable the octave by turning off half of the phase splitter. And the tone is not unlike the Superfuzz, although it uses a different method of octave generation to get there.

The Marsling is faithful to the original, but with two added modifications. First, the octave switch for octave up is on a footswitch for on and off capabilities instead of a toggle switch.

The second modification is to the tone control. The tone control of the original is somewhat similar to the Big Muff, but many people find it’s difficult to get good sounds from the treble side of the rotation. By increasing the value of the treble-side tone capacitor, it improves the usability. A switch has been added to let you choose between two different capacitors in addition to the original.

Here’s what you get with this out-of-this-world pedal:
* Octave up footswitch
* Fuzz only footswitch
* Midrange toggle switch for varied tonality
* Top mounted jacks to save precious board space
* Refined all-analog circuit design 

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