Disaster Area Micro.clock (Micro.clock)

Disaster Area Micro.clock
Model# Micro.clock

Price: $99.99

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Disaster Area

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They say:

The Disaster Area micro.clock is an intelligent tap tempo and clock source for your pedalboard. Synchronize two tap-tempo compatible pedals plus control one additional device with tap tempo, MIDI, or control voltage.

The micro.clock leverages our advanced SMARTClock technology in a tiny package – just 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 1.6″ (93 x 38 x 42mm.)

Tap the footswitch to set the master clock tempo. The micro.clock will then send taps to your devices to lock them in to your music.

Selectable subdivisions let you tap in quarter-notes and set your devices to dotted-eighths, eight-notes, or triplets!

Tap the knob to view or change the subdivisions or output settings for each output, then hold the knob to save the current settings to a preset.

Hold the footswitch down to advance to the next preset. You can even set the number of accessible presets so that you only use what you need.

Each tempo preset allows you to specify a tempo in BPM or milliseconds, as well as subdivisions or toggle settings for each of the three outputs. You can also set the micro.clock to send a MIDI Program Change to an external MIDI device.

Have a pedal that needs an odd or unusual configuration for tempo control? The micro.clock works with devices that accept a normally-open or normally-closed footswitch, and can even send 0-3.3V control voltage that works with pedals with expression control of delay / tempo. Check with your pedal builder for details on their expression options!

Should you buy the micro.clock instead of the SMARTClock Gen3 or the DMC series?

It depends on your desired use for the controller. The short version goes like this: If you have 1-3 non-MIDI tap tempo pedals the micro.clock is perfect. If you need more MIDI functionality and you already have a MIDI controller, then look at the SMARTClock Gen3. If you need to send taps to mostly MIDI devices and control their programs as well, we recommend the DMC Gen3 series.

Think of the micro.clock as a smarter version of your average tap tempo switch, one that can send different subdivisions from your initial taps. It can send MIDI but in a limited way, and requires adaptor cables to connect to MIDI gear with 5-pin ports.

The SMARTClock Gen3 is a bit larger and more expensive but a lot more capable. It can send taps to up to 4 devices at once, and send MIDI to three different destinations. If you have MIDI gear with 1/4″ inputs such as Chase Bliss, Meris, Empress, or Alexander it can send MIDI to them directly. The SMARTClock Gen3 can also receive and merge MIDI data with its own clock signal, so it integrates into your larger rig easily.

The DMC Gen3 series have a more limited clock and tap functionality but are far more powerful in terms of controlling your MIDI devices. You can send MIDI clock to all of your devices as well as send taps to a single device using any of the DMC Gen3 series. The DMC-6 and DMC-8 Gen3 have two additional tap outputs for a total of three. In addition, you can control the program, bypass, expression, and more on your MIDI pedals using one of the DMC series.

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