Cusack Tap-A-Delay DLX (Tap-A-Delay DLX)
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The Tap-A-Delay is a 750mS digital delay that mixes the original analog signal with the delayed signal. It is a bit gritty, and very analog flavored. This isn’t a clean studio quality digital delay with perfect repeats, it's much more tape-like than it is digital sounding.  

The Tap-A-Delay Deluxe version features a "Float" switch that controls a momentary feedback loop. At lower feedback settings this enables "floating" ambient sounds, at highter feedback settings it causes quicker feedback "runaway" oscillation. There is also a mini switch provided which to the left enables notes played after the float switch is engaged to add to the loop, while to the right the added notes are un-effected ("dry") .

-Level (volume)
-Mix (dry/delayed signal)
-Delay (time can be set with the knob, or by pressing the Tap Speed switch twice. When tapping the tempo, the Divide toggle selects 1/8, *1/8, or 1/4 notes)
-Modulation (an 8-position switch that selects several warm modulation themes as well as a few outer space themes)
-Mode toggle (selects brake function; Left: holding the brake will alternate between slowing down and speeding up. When you release the switch, it stays right where it was; Center: ”Snap Back." Holding the switch will either slow down or speed up. When you release the switch it snaps back to the original tempo; Right: “Slide Back." Slide Back is the same as Snap Back, except the tempo slides back to the original tempo slowly. To select between Speed Up and Slow Down for the Slide and Snap modes, just tap both foot switches simultaneously. The light will blink to let you know it changed. If it was Speed Up, it will now be Slow Down)
-Float stompswitch (momentary switch for the feedback loop)
-Float input toggle (left: new notes are added to the "floating" feedback, right: new notes played are dry, so you can play over top of the loop)

Internally, there is an “Echo Roll Off” pot that adjusts the tone of the repeats. All the way up is bright, with a lot of clock noise coming through. All the way down is very dark. 2 o’clock seems to be a good “middle ground.”

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