Special Announcement: We are currently closed due to the Governor's Executive Order to temprarily cease operations at all non-essential businesses, and will reopen on Saturday April 11th. However, if you go to the following link, you may purchase a large range of small builder pedals that will ship directly to you, and if you select us in the drop down menu, all profits will go to us, so please consider doing so to help us out.





We have moved one mile north, to 1034 Robert Street S, West St Paul. 


We are an independently owned and operated, full-service, family-owned music store in West St. Paul, MN. We specialize in guitars, basses, and particularly in effects pedals, but the odds are we can get it if you want it, or we know someone that can. We fix stuff, rent stuff, sell stuff, and teach you how to use it.

Recently chosen as one of the best places to take guitar lessons in Minnesota by CBS Local!

When it comes to gear, we do things a little differently than most. We have built our stock on guitar and effect lines that are unique, sourced from smaller companies and independent builders who understand that musicians need well-built, roadworthy gear that is both affordable and off the beaten path. Many of our lines unavailable anywhere else in Minnesota, and we are adding new lines all the time. For a detailed list of these lines, feel free to click the links at the top of the page. We also stock lots of used equipment, with a particular fascination with vintage and boutique pedals and a general leaning towards things that fill the same off-kilter niche as our new gear. You might not find a '58 Les Paul here, but you could find a Supro Martinique, a Magnatone M8, or a Multivox Little David Leslie simulator if you catch us on the right day.